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Bentley Microstation BIM

Bentley Architecture, Structure, MEP Version: v8i


Bentley MicroStation BIM 3D Modeling Services transform your 2D floor plans, elevations, sections, details, interior elevations, furniture and finishes into a 3D v8i model. Default MicroStation BIM cells are used for architectural objects such as walls, windows, doors, furniture, cabinetry, and so on. Our CAD to MicroStation conversion services can also create "custom" cells to match your unique building systems, furniture and equipment. The final Bentley MicroStation 3D models can include multiple disciplines, such as architectural, structural, MEP (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) and site work. The final architectural model can also be exported to DGN format (optional).

At Q-CAD, You Always Have Options!

Our CAD to MicroStation conversion services can develop a 3D Bentley model based on your floor plans, elevations, details, sections provided. You choose the specific disciplines to be included in the model.

Option 2: "Expand" your existing Bentley v8i 3D model:

Integrate additional data into your existing Bentley v8i model. For example, your existing Bentley MicroStation Architectural background can be expanded to include mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) equipment.

The final 3-D Bentley MicroStation models can be rotated and viewed from various perspectives and be used to identify any conflicts between the various building systems. You will receive the following files: DGN (Bentley) files, PDF-color export, PDF-black export.


Download Our Sample Bentley Architecture Model:

Architectural 3D Model - 100 Mb
Here’s a more detailed summary of our CAD to MicroStation conversion services:

Bentley 3D MicroStation BIM Modeling Services:

  • Bentley Architecture v8i

  • Create a full-scale 3D Bentley Architectural model

  • Use default cells for objects (objects = walls, doors, windows, etc.) or "custom" cells can be created based on your details, sections, finishes provided

  • For each model you will receive the following file types: 3D model; PDF- 3D sheets; PDF - 2D sheet

  • Models options include: architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing

  • Extract 3D model into 2D sheet views (exported as DGN format upon request)


Q-CAD Makes it Easy to Send Us Your Project:

Option 1:   Email your files and a BIM Questionnaire: qcad email q-cad

Option 2:   Upload your files:

Please provide your name, company, phone and email, only. Upload your files using the Browse buttons at the bottom of the page. Our CAD to MicroStation conversion services will prepare a quote within 24-hours (free).



MICROSTATION 3D: Bentley Architecture (DGN)

Size4 to 6 Weeks10 Days5 Days3 Days
Size Chart: A = 9 x 12"B = 12 x 18"C = 18 x 24"D = 24 x 36"E = 30 x 42"
Turnaround = Business Days
Turnaround options are priced per source document to be drafted into CAD.



More About Bentley Architectural Quotes:

Bentley Architectural model pricing depends on the amount of information to be included in your model (floor plan, elevations, roof plan, finishes, furniture, etc.). Our CAD Department can prepare a quote to match your specific project requirements—a free quote and a 24-hour turnaround.


In order to prepare a quote for your project, our CAD to MicroStation conversion services need a copy of your project information, such as TIF, PDF, DGN, MicroStation files for our review. Please download and complete our 3D BIM Model Checklist, below, and provide it with your project files.


  1. First complete the 3D Model BIM Checklist for your project.
  2. Next collect your TIF, PDF, DGN, MicroStation files for our review.
  3. Then upload the checklist and your files using the "Quote Form" at the right.
  4. Our CAD Department will prepare a quote with several pricing and turnaround options for your project.
Guaranteed On-Time or Free!