Quality Control 4-Level Procedure


Q-CAD assures the highest degree of quality and accuracy for each converted 2D CAD file or 3D BIM model. Converted CAD files are checked and rechecked to make sure that all CAD standards were followed and that the documents have been converted accurately.


QCAD performs four-levels of quality control (QC) for each converted CAD file. If errors are detected at any level, the file is returned to the original CAD operator for corrections. Once corrections have been made, the file re-enters the Level 1 – Level 4 QC process again. Upon successfully passing each level of QC, the converted CAD file is distributed to the client. The information below outlines the Q-CAD QC procedures:

1. Level 1-QC:
The CAD operator converts and checks the CAD file to make sure that all instructions and standards were followed.  When the CAD operator is confident that the file is complete, it is then passed to Level 2-QC.
2. Level 2-QC:
The Level 2 CAD manager plots converted file and compares it to original document for errors or omissions.  The file is also reviewed for compliance with all special instructions, layering schemes and standards. Errors and omissions are noted and the CAD manager works with the CAD operator to assure that all errors and omissions are corrected as necessary. When the file is 100% accurate, the file is passed to Level 3-QC.

3. Level 3-QC:
The Level 3 CAD manager reviews the corrected document for 100% accuracy.  All instructions and standards are checked again. Spelling checks, layering standards, file x-refs (when applicable) are verified.

4. Level 4-QC:
The Level 4 CAD manager visually compares and approves that the electronic file matches the original document. Additional files are created based on the final CAD file:  PDF-color, PDF-black/white, TIF, CTB (color table files for client plotting). Once Level 4-QA testing is completed the files are ready to be distributed to the client.



Technical Support

Q-CAD's staff works closely with all clients to ensure that the final CAD files match the requirements of each project exactly. Upon receipt of your drawings to be converted into CAD, Q-CAD closely examines the project and works closely with you to ensure that all technical requirements are understood before proceeding with the drafting process. Before beginning a large conversion project, Q-CAD recommends that you send several documents, along with your specific layering standards, blocks, etc. for an initial conversion. This allows us to work together to assure you that our conversions meet your specific standards before the actual conversion project begins.

Once you have received and reviewed the final CAD files, Q-CAD performs follow-up procedures to verify that the CAD files have met all of your specific project requirements. If any inconsistencies with the files are detected, Q-CAD updates the files immediately and supplies the updates to your office.

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