What CAD and Architecture Stories Are in the News?

During the last few years, the news has been full of stories about how architects, designers, and engineers are using CAD drafting and other technologies to create innovations in the way buildings are planned and constructed. As experts in computer aided design for architectural purposes, we’re always interested in seeing the technology applied in new ways. On that note, here are two recent stories about the intersection of CAD and other groundbreaking architectural techniques.

Dubai to Build First-Ever 3D-Printed Office Building

The United Arab Emirates has had its share of major construction projects in the last few decades, but one of its newest construction projects will be unlike any of the ones that have come before. In partnership with engineering firm Gensler, Thornton Tomasetti, and Syska Hennessy and Chinese 3D printing company WinSun, the UAE will build the world’s first 3D-printed office building, which will serve as the temporary headquarters for the staff of Dubai’s Museum of the Future, and will be constructed in front of the museum’s main structure.

The project is one of the most advanced 3D printing building project ever; even the building’s furniture will be 3D printed. The printer used in the project will stand 20 feet tall, and will produce thin layers of reinforced concrete, gypsum reinforced with glass fiber, and fiber-reinforced plastic. The layers will then be assembled on site, with construction set to begin in October.

The Museum of the Future is a fitting place for such a project. An exhibit of all things cutting edge and futuristic, the museum hosts several 3D printers, and is meant to celebrate the groundbreaking inventions that have allowed the UAE to develop so quickly, and which will allow it to continue to push forward.

Company Proposes Future of Eco-Friendly Structures

Speaking at the recent REAL 2015 conference, Emerging Objects cofounder Ronald Rael spoke of his company’s latest efforts in the realm of using 3D printing to innovate the construction industry. In his words, he spoke of using 3D printers to build structures out of materials that were “durable, affordable, inexpensive and ecological.” Elaborating further, he spoke of a future where buildings were constructed from material such as rubber, paper, salt, and other resources that could be obtained easily, and then transformed into building material by 3D printers, greatly reducing the eco footprint of construction projects and recycling waste material that would otherwise fill up garbage dumps.

Giving one example, Rael spoke about how his company was experimenting with putting discarded tires through a process by which they are cryogenically frozen, and then turned into a powder which can then be used to create 3D-printed objects. Citing the number of 300 million tires thrown away every year, at least 20% of which go into landfills, Rael proposed that the millions of tires thrown away every year could instead be used to create building material.

In addition to rubber, Emerging Objects is also experimenting with turning discarded paper, such as old newsprint, into a 3D-printable substance which can be used to create insulation, and on finding uses for the 70 million tons of paper waste produced in the U.S. every year.

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