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10 Industries That Use Computer Aided Design Software

Computer aided design (CAD) software has become standard in many industries that produce plans, blueprints, and other designs before they begin production. Companies that use CAD drafting are able to complete designs faster and more efficiently, which is why CAD software has been embraced by many industries since its creation. Some of those industries include:

  1. Architecture – One of the industries that most commonly uses computer aided design software is architecture, which relies on CAD programs to draw up blueprints and plans for buildings. Architects often visit building sites to supervise construction, but all their work begins with drawings and plans. For this, most modern architects rely on CAD software to quickly and efficiently make their designs.
  2. Engineering – Like architects, engineers rely on CAD software to draw up their initial plans. Instead of houses and buildings, engineers use computer aided design software to create the designs for machinery. Using CAD software lets engineers create their plans with a greater level of accuracy and speed, as well as find the solutions to practical design problems on the page on the page before they need to be built.
  3. Drafting – Drafters are hired by engineers, architects, manufacturers, and other product producers to generate plans for projects. Most modern drafters use CAD software to create their designs, which can be as diverse as houses, office buildings, machinery, tools, and industrial structures.
  4. Aerospace – Planes, space shuttles, drones, and other flying vehicles require a high level of detail accuracy in their design if they’re to be aerodynamic. To make sure that they get their complicated designs just right, the aerospace industry uses computer aided design software to plan the exact details and confirm that they meet necessary specifications.
  5. Nuclear Power – Nuclear engineers have a big responsibility on their hands, and need to design their structures with a high level of attention to safety measures and physics. While this used to be done by hand, CAD software has made this process much faster and easier.
  6. Petroleum – The oil and gas industry builds lots of rigs, derricks, plants, and other mechanical structures to extract and process natural resources, and using CAD software has increased the rate at which those structures can be planned and built.
  7. Automotive – Between all the car companies in the world, there are a lot of new car models created and released every year. One of the ways automotive engineers are able to produce and test so many new types of cars annually is by using computer software to speed up the design process.
  8. Civil Engineering/Construction – The construction of roads, dams, tunnels, and other civil engineering projects requires testing a lot of variables to check the integrity and safety of structures before they’re built. As such, construction and civil engineering have adopted CAD as a way to reliably double check the soundness of their designs before they are begun.
  9. Toy Manufacturing – Not everything that CAD is used for is as big as an airplane or an office building. Toy manufacturers also use computer design programs to create models for future products.
  10. Furniture Production – Just like toy manufacturers, upholsterers and furniture manufacturers use computer aided design software to efficiently create designs for their next projects and test the soundness of their designs.

Q-Cad has been using CAD software to create accurate designs quickly and efficiently since 1992. To find out more about how we use CAD software for the benefit of our customers, you can reach us at 800-700-3305.

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