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Questions to Keep in Mind when Selecting BIM Software

The knowledge required to utilize Building Information Modeling (BIM) varies exponentially from the use of traditional 3D drafting. More and more people are turning to Revit BIM outsourcing companies for their architectural and construction planning requirements, rather than using regular 3D drafting software. BIM software is highly customizable and complex, enabling users to execute building plans more thoroughly and accurately than ever. When you are seeking a CAD company, ensure that they offer BIM as one of their services. You can also keep the following questions in mind:

Will This BIM Cover All Aspects of the Workflow? 

In the initial planning phases of your project, you will have determined the relevant workflow and timelines. Thus, it is crucial that your BIM software enables you to not only design your building, but also enables the quantification of necessary materials, while absorbing and reflecting the relevant construction documentation to make a streamlined process that covers all angles pertaining to your workflow.

Is It an “Open BIM” Package? 

At various phases of your building project you will need interdisciplinary consultants to work on different aspects of the building model. Your BIM package needs to be not only collaborative for the design team project heads, but also compatible with the different software systems that might need to plug into your model. Your BIM software should support interoperability, while not affecting the overall workflow and processes that have been developed for your model.

Can This BIM Software Support a Project of This Size? 

BIM programs are capable of handling a lot more data than regular CAD programs. This means that you can design larger, more complex models while still being able to input material quantities, timelines, and various other crucial data factors that will enable the most accurate rendering possible. You will need to discuss the capabilities of your intended BIM program with the outsourcing company.

Is the BIM Program Supported Locally? 

Building projects have different requirements and specs, in various countries throughout the world, and, thus, your BIM functionality requirements will be specialized dependent upon where your construction project is going to take place. Ensure that your BIM solution will follow local design standards, and also that it offers you the relevant templates and measurements pertaining to your country.

How Adaptable Is It? 

Ensure that you find out whether or not your BIM tool will enable you to view the property structure at various stages of construction, and from different angles once completed. This is useful when you need to edit the structure, workflow, or material quantities at any given time, while being able to see the effects it would have on your building.

BIM is a wonderfully functional 3D drafting tool with which to execute the planning and rendering of your next construction project. In order to seek out the right program, remember that not only does a good BIM program allow you to imitate the upcoming building process with the use of the materials you will have on site, but you can conduct accurate measurements, calculate your building costs, and collaborate with the various project owners. You will be able to determine that you have found the right BIM software program, if you can predict that it will increase productivity and produce accurate visual designs, while allowing adequate collaboration. For the most adaptable and multi-functional BIM software call us today at (800) 700-3305 for a quote!

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