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CAD for Construction Management

The overall planning of a construction project can be a lengthy and delicate process, as it is the foundation upon which the assembly of a building can occur. A demand for increased safety measures is expected to be met in shorter periods of time, which means that all construction documents are expected to be up to date, accurate, and accessible. To meet this expectation, it is recommended that construction managers source a reliable system that has the ability to enhance their product — computer-aided design (CAD) is the ideal tool for construction management.

When managing a project, the overall planning and coordination needs to be completed in an efficient and accurate manner. From the initial concept of the project, to the finishing touches upon completion, the client’s requirements need to be met at the highest standard in order to produce a functional and financially viable development.

The construction industry is comprised of five sectors: namely, residential, commercial, civil, industrial, and environmental, all of which are in high demand. The most successful companies make use of technology that not only simplifies the administration process, but also offers clients clarity and accessibility. CAD provides the technology that will provide detailed information regarding the development. These include the materials, processes, and dimensions, as well as providing information regarding the curves and figures of a building. CAD can provide these details in a two-dimensional or three-dimensional space.

Computer-aided design can assist project managers in the following ways:

  • Specifying project objectives, budgeting, scheduling, performance requirements, and suppliers.
  • Maximizing resource efficiency by listing labor, material, and equipment requirements.
  • Implementing coordination, design, and contracting, over the period of construction.

CAD provides a virtual representation of the proposed development that gives investors, contactors, and service providers an idea of what they are both funding and working toward achieving. Computer-aided design also provides construction managers an opportunity to have a 3D model designed and built. This acts as a visual aid by which various contractors are able to refer to the model to check the progress and process of their work. A construction project manager is able to use it as a reference to ensure that various expectations are met.

As current developments become more complex, the client demands more value for the money that they spend. CAD can offer project managers the following solutions:

1. Avoiding Costly Errors

CAD offers unprecedented insight into the design of a development – from the possible strength of the materials, to the corners and curves of elements that are otherwise hidden on 2D drafts. Testing the stress factors and tolerances of a structure is of great importance and needs to be done before the foundations are laid. Through this process of early testing, managers can avoid any errors that might cost exponential amounts to correct and set back the date of expected completion.

2. Saving Time and Working Efficiently 

CAD allows project managers to ensure that the plans and calculations are accurate, without going through the process of changing an entire draft. Computer-aided design allows managers to make changes digitally, and it applies them immediately. Information is extracted and pragmatically actioned, giving the contractors more time to focus on the construction process. CAD software allows project managers to view individual components of a structure, which are then analyzed, tested, or changed.

3. Achieving Accuracy

CAD’s most valued benefit is the accuracy that the software offers. Each element of the structure is analyzed and measured, which offers optimum safety from a design perspective.

Construction management is made more efficient through the use of CAD, as it offers a reliable and accurate system that adds greater value and numerous benefits to the construction process. If you are looking to enhance the value of your construction management, make the smart choice and give us a call at (800) 700-3305.

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