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Why Everyone Is Not a CAD Drafting Professional

Many structural engineers will agree that CAD drafting is perhaps the greatest and definitely the most important innovation in the last 50 years. It has had such a dramatic impact on the day-to-day activities of these professionals and has become the only way for them to keep up with the growth, the extensive competition, and the ever changing demands of the industry in which they find themselves. In a nutshell, CAD drafting guarantees accuracy and efficiency when it comes to construction projects, and these are the two things that every engineer values most.

But how has CAD drafting impacted the everyday activities of engineers? Well, it has changed the way that they communicate with builders and coworkers, in the sense that it has dramatically reduced the need for face to face meetings. Designs can be sent to people electronically, or stored on a cloud system and so be accessed by anyone who needs them. This, of course, also makes it possible for engineers to seek advice from colleagues or get a client’s approval even if that client or colleague is thousands of miles away. This, it goes without saying, saves a considerable amount when it comes to travelling costs and time. Because of the real-life visual nature of CAD rendering, the end product can instantly be understood by anyone, no matter how technologically inept they are, and the only person who has to be technologically inclined is the person who is responsible for creating and altering the design.

CAD has also allowed engineers to detect design problems before starting construction, which of course reduces the chances of having buildings constructed, only to be torn down and rebuilt. Apart from this, it allows them to calculate the exact amount of building materials that they will need for a project, which again saves time and money.

This is all well and good, but, as many engineers will tell you, CAD drafting has also complicated the lives of a lot of people who work in the building industry. The problem here is that there are a lot of cheaply made and wildly inaccurate CAD programs (if you can call them that) out there that can be freely downloaded. Many aspiring designers download these programs, create elaborate designs, and then send these designs off to builders, only to discover that what they’ve created can’t possibly be built, or is more structurally unsound than the Leaning Tower of Pisa.

The truth is that quality CAD drafting programs are extremely expensive and, even if you can get your hands on quality software, it takes years of training and experience to operate it correctly. In other words, using pirated software from the net and deciding to do a DIY job in order to save a few dollars on designing your dream home is not a good idea. What do you stand to lose? The two things all of us (and not only engineers) value highly: namely, time and – possibly – money (if you can manage to fool someone into believing that your design can work). So, better to not risk it and, instead, call (800) 700-3305 for professional and reliable CAD drafting services.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/FREEDIGITALPHOTOS.NET

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles/FREEDIGITALPHOTOS.NET