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How CAD Systems Are Fitting Into the Digital Manufacturing Lifecycle

For professional design teams, the design process doesn’t happen in a vacuum. Designing a new product is only the first step of many interconnected processes: how will the product be built? How will it be shipped? What about marketing? This multi-step process requires constant communication between the different branches of a manufacturing business, all of which need to be constantly updated on the development process, its current progress, and any changes that may have happened during design.

In the past, miscommunications between departments could happen easily, and could lead to mistakes, lost time, and other missteps that could slow production and cost a company valuable money and man hours. But, thanks to the integration of modern CAD drafting and design systems into the product manufacturing lifecycle, keeping all parties in the manufacturing processes connected, up to date, and in the loop has never been easier.

Easy Digital Sharing

In order to compete, manufacturers now need their CAD designs to be “portable,” i.e., sharable with departments outside of the engineering department. Manufacturing companies have been one of the most appreciative beneficiaries of developments in CAD software. The more easily designs can be done digitally, the easier it is for design plans to be shared, modified, and inspected, allowing everyone involved in the manufacturing process to stay current on a design’s progress and provide their input in a timely manner. As CAD platforms become more user-friendly and more integrated with businesses’ internal networks, this process becomes even easier and faster to perform.

21st century businesses have come to rely on mobile technology, cloud-based applications, and other technologies that improve efficiency and allow data to be digitized and shared more easily. Just like with other parts of their business, manufacturers are integrating their CAD platforms with their internal communication and digital workflow tools, allowing their computer-modeled digital designs to easily be viewed, shared, and altered by all relevant parties.

Portable Designs for Increased Efficiency

When any business process becomes more efficient, it becomes less expensive and faster to perform, saving companies money and resources, and allowing them to perform their tasks more easily. Portable CAD designs make product plans available sooner and more efficiently, reducing the cost and time that it takes to manufacture products. This allows them to be brought to market sooner, and often at a cheaper price than for what they would otherwise be available.

The integration of sharable CAD designs into the manufacturing lifecycle isn’t just a benefit to larger, established manufacturers. Because portable CAD designs reduce the time, effort, and resources it takes to establish the manufacturing process, and make the time between design and production, marketing, etc. easier, they also lower the initial bar that must be met to enter the manufacturing industry. Many smaller manufacturers and would-be entrepreneurs who were previously unable to establish themselves using less efficient processes can now more easily design, create, and market their products, creating a new wave of competition and innovation in the world of manufacturing.

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