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The World’s Most Expensive Buildings

With CAD design services, it is possible to design and construct some truly exquisite architectural creations. However, despite the fact that CAD helps to reduce costs and construction times, sometimes it is impossible to avoid shelling out extravagant amounts if the project being undertaken is a lavish one. Let us take a look at some of the world’s most expensive buildings.

The Palace of Parliament

This majestic creation is definitely a sight to behold, and it comes as no surprise to discover that the cost to build it is just as high as its awe-factor. The largest government building in the world cost a whopping 3 billion dollars to build. Along with this, it took thirteen years to complete, and the construction itself took place at the same time an intense political upheaval was occurring in Romania.

Marina Bay Sands

This breathtaking resort can be found in Singapore and is famous for being the most expensive building in the world. It is estimated that it cost between 4.7 and 5.5 billion dollars to finance the build, which was completed in 2010. It is now known for being one of the most lavish hotels in the world, offering an array of luxurious rooms and suites, as well as many excitement entertainment options for those staying at the resort. It is no secret that CAD had a huge role to play in terms of designing this magnificent feast for the eyes and the senses!

Emirates Palace

Emirates Palace is a luxury hotel that can be found in the United Arab Emirates. It takes up almost a mile of private beach and cost approximately 3 billion dollars to complete.

One World Trade Center

This is the tallest skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere, and the fourth tallest in the world. Made of steel, known for its modern design, and measuring approximately 1776 feet, it cost just under 3.9 billion dollars to erect. It was opened in late 2014.

Royal Adelaide Hospital

This mammoth hospital in Adelaide was another expensive venture, costing 2.1 billion dollars (and counting). It has yet to be opened, but already exhibits an impressive futuristic appeal that the locals are proud of. It is due to open sometime in 2016.

Taipei 101

The second tallest building in the world, Taipei 101 is as extraordinary as it is expensive. It measures 1670 feet and cost approximately 1.7 billion dollars in total. It is located in Taiwan and is used predominantly as a financial center and commercial office, although it does boast plenty of interesting restaurants and shops, too.

Burj Khalifa

Another impressive modern architectural creation that can be found in the United Arab Emirates, the Burj Khalifa cost more than just a pretty penny to complete. Its total construction cost was estimated to be 1.5 million dollars. It is also the tallest man-made structure in the world, measuring in at 2719 feet in height.

It is obvious that most of these buildings would have relied heavily on specialist CAD services and 3D drafting, and that this technology played a big role in ensuring that these structures turned out to be as remarkable as they are today. If you are looking for more information about CAD design services, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Q-CAD team. Call us now at 800-700-3305.