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Discover the Benefits of CAD Outsourcing

Outsourcing your CAD projects makes more sense than ever. In the past, there was hesitation with regard to using outsourced CAD services due to a concern around lack of control, quality, and costs. However, there have been many developments in the CAD industry and most of these hurdles have been overcome by professional CAD outsourcing companies. The advances have even made it more viable to outsource your CAD requirements, and here’s why:

Project Management

Professional CAD companies maintain a business practice that places an emphasis on organized control of projects. When you outsource your CAD requirements, you are placing the project management of this leg of your project in the capable hands of a professional company whose sole responsibility is to work on projects of a similar nature. This also means that they are able to foresee any potential risks and can handle technical parts of the project you may not be familiar with.

Each project has unique needs and requirements, and your outsourced CAD company will have the know-how and experience necessary to effectively manage and control the aspects of your project that require CAD drafting. The team working on your project understands the technical specifications of the software, transactions, revisions, billing, and information needed to successfully execute a drafting project. This aspect of control will help you rest assured that this part of your project is in good hands, giving you the freedom and the time to focus on other important tasks. However, you will always be able to maintain control by keeping a good line of communication open with the company. In most instances, the software will enable you to log in and view the progress and designs along each step of the way.

Quality of Work

An outsourced CAD company will pride itself on its quality of output. The referral-based nature of the business, coupled with the vast experience that these companies have in this field, will ensure professional quality outputs and customer satisfaction. Professional CAD outsource companies will have worked on a variety of different projects, each with their own unique set of requirements, risks, hurdles, and successes. It is through this experience, unique planning, and quality project management that satisfactory, timely, and hassle-free quality of work is produced.

Cost and Productivity

Individuals or companies who attempt to produce their own CAD drafting may find that many hours are spent understanding the software rather than producing efficient designs. CAD software is often very complex and, if used by a professional, its advantages and potential is exceptional. Outsourcing your drafting work will ensure that you are not spending hours of precious project time deciphering various aspects of the software or risking any grievous mistakes. Increased productivity on the project with professionals in your team focusing their attention on other aspects more suited to their skillset will help greatly in saving on costs.

However, at any given time, members of the team are able to collaborate and work with the outsourcing company on the CAD part of the project and can thus add value to the output with their knowledge and skills.

Save your company time and money while being assured that you are receiving the utmost quality with your CAD drafting. Contact us today for further information at (800) 700-3305.

Image courtesy of Serge Bertasius Photography / freedigitalphotos.net

Image courtesy of Serge Bertasius Photography / freedigitalphotos.net

Using CAD Services to Remodel Your Kitchen

When it comes to renovating your home, it often has to take place in segments to avoid having to live through seemingly endless amount of building rubble and dust. It is also recommended that you have a clear idea of what you would like to do. Computer-aided design, commonly known as CAD services, is the best way in which to visualize your renovation.

With a variety of design trends and home décor styles, choosing the appropriate fittings for your home can become rather daunting. CAD drafting is a simple solution to the confusion that you may face when remodeling your kitchen. Once you have approached your architect and have had a comprehensive blueprint drawn up, a 3D model of your kitchen can be created, both digitally and physically. This will ensure reliable and accurate calculations when it comes to the corners, nooks, and crannies of your new kitchen. A 3D model can also help you visualize the changes that you would hope to make.

When consulting a CAD company, it is important to relay your thoughts and specifications from your first appointment, as this will assist in creating an adequate conceptual design. As your architect lays down the foundations of the remodel, CAD will fill in the items, like cabinets, appliances, and various décor elements. Once your blueprints have been optimized through computer-aided design, you will be able to see how your ideas come together. If you are not happy with a certain feature or the placement of a specific item, CAD drafting gives you the freedom to remove or rearrange those items in real time, eliminating the need to wait for 2D architectural amendments. If you feel wary about adding a certain feature to your new and improved kitchen, you can simply add it to your digital model before the construction or installation process begins.

CAD services will ensure that you are able to take a look at 3D color renderings of your remodeling project, allowing you to weigh options, test color palettes, and compare various materials to establish a firm understanding of what best suits your style and budget. The benefits of using computer-aided design to visualize your new kitchen can spare you from costly errors or construction blunders. It will also help you avoid paying for remodeling work that you don’t want done. A CAD model will allow the various parties to see exactly what it is that you aim to achieve, including reliable and accurate calculations of the remodeling. A list of the various materials, contact details, and job requirements are also provided to ensure that the necessary construction, installation, and décor responsibilities are completed in a timely manner. Making use of 3D rendering yields the following benefits:

  • Enhanced information exchange: all service providers will be able to access the file and make the necessary changes.
  • Early detection: any clashes between services providers, materials, or deliveries will be detected, to avoid rescheduling at a cost.
  • Reuse: remodel, recycle, and reuse, instead of building a new structure.

If you’re looking to remodel your kitchen, consider the option of computer-aided design – not only will it assist in simplifying the process, it will also ensure that it is hassle-free and enjoyable.

Considering a kitchen renovation? Don’t hesitate to give us a call at (800) 700-3305 for reliable and efficient CAD services.

Image courtesy of mapichai/ FREEDIGITALPHOTOS.NET

Image courtesy of mapichai/ FREEDIGITALPHOTOS.NET

5 of the Most Innovative Office Spaces in the World

Products of innovative thought and design, the world’s most innovative office spaces were created to inspire employees and onlookers alike. With the help of CAD services, these creative spaces morphed into iconic structures that annually draw attention.

Not only are these office spaces a treat for the visual senses, they were designed to bring about a sense of inspiration, encourage the creative spirit, and give employees the necessary incentive to deliver high levels of productivity. As admirable as these structures are, they were once just a drawing on a blueprint. Computer aided design, or CAD, drafting services simplified the construction process of these designs by ensuring that each design detail, hidden corner, and nook was accurately measured and calculated.

In order to create these delightful offices, designers and architects had to work closely together to reach the expectations of the investors. Whether it came down to the construction and interior design of a little house in the Pixar office, or a relaxation room at Google, the process was conducted in precise harmony. From the brightlycolored rooms to the wildly imaginative layouts, take a look at five of the most innovative office spaces in the world.

  1. Google — London

Big, velvety chairs invite employees to take a moment to absorb the architectural and interior design wonder of the office space. The office is 160,000 square feet and is comprised of a cutting-edge, upbeat, and modern design. Brightly colored rooms, comfortable reading nooks, and dynamic meeting areas keep the Google staff inspired and creatively fuelled. Undoubtedly, the office offers the ideal work space for employees.

  1. White Mountain Office — Stockholm

This office is distinctively unique as it is located 100 feet underground. The White Mountain Office is home to a Swedish internet service provider and boasts iconic architecture and design. A repurposed anti-atomic shelter has been transformed into a dynamic office space that is reminiscent of a Super Villain’s lair. Cool colors, glass, and an industrial interior are impressively worked into the rock that protrudes throughout the office. Innovative, stylish, and unique, there is no guessing why the White Mountain Office is one of the most amazing offices in the world!

  1. Pallotta Teamworks — Los Angeles

Repurposed shipping containers, zippy little cars, and bright pops of punchy color are the main characteristics of Pallotta Teamworks in Los Angeles. This office space was designed with the intention of creating “breathing islands” of creative space within the greater office, a redesigned warehouse. Each colored container represents a different department within the company, which generates the necessary inspiration and creative fuel to produce architectural works of art.

  1. Inventionland — Pittsburgh

Imagine 70,000 square feet of pirate ships, race tracks, and caves. If you wander through the office space, you’ll also come across red carpet walkways, a castle, and a giant robot. Inventionland is the harbour of creative inspiration and represents a colorful patchwork of unique and playful ideas. The office space also has a state-of-the-art sound and video animation studio and a fully-equipped workshop for creating working prototypes of inventions.

  1. Comvert — Milan

Set in an abandoned cinema in the magnificent city of Milan, Comvert boasts a collection of office and warehouse space that is perfectly complemented by an inspired indoor skate bowl which is suspended above the warehouse. Not only does it keep the staff entertained, it suits the brand’s playful image, too!

The world’s most innovative office spaces play host to a plethora of creative and unique concepts, from their architecture to their interior design. If you’re looking to create a unique office space using CAD drafting services, call (800) 700-3305 for more information.

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Questions to Keep in Mind when Selecting BIM Software

The knowledge required to utilize Building Information Modeling (BIM) varies exponentially from the use of traditional 3D drafting. More and more people are turning to Revit BIM outsourcing companies for their architectural and construction planning requirements, rather than using regular 3D drafting software. BIM software is highly customizable and complex, enabling users to execute building plans more thoroughly and accurately than ever. When you are seeking a CAD company, ensure that they offer BIM as one of their services. You can also keep the following questions in mind:

Will This BIM Cover All Aspects of the Workflow? 

In the initial planning phases of your project, you will have determined the relevant workflow and timelines. Thus, it is crucial that your BIM software enables you to not only design your building, but also enables the quantification of necessary materials, while absorbing and reflecting the relevant construction documentation to make a streamlined process that covers all angles pertaining to your workflow.

Is It an “Open BIM” Package? 

At various phases of your building project you will need interdisciplinary consultants to work on different aspects of the building model. Your BIM package needs to be not only collaborative for the design team project heads, but also compatible with the different software systems that might need to plug into your model. Your BIM software should support interoperability, while not affecting the overall workflow and processes that have been developed for your model.

Can This BIM Software Support a Project of This Size? 

BIM programs are capable of handling a lot more data than regular CAD programs. This means that you can design larger, more complex models while still being able to input material quantities, timelines, and various other crucial data factors that will enable the most accurate rendering possible. You will need to discuss the capabilities of your intended BIM program with the outsourcing company.

Is the BIM Program Supported Locally? 

Building projects have different requirements and specs, in various countries throughout the world, and, thus, your BIM functionality requirements will be specialized dependent upon where your construction project is going to take place. Ensure that your BIM solution will follow local design standards, and also that it offers you the relevant templates and measurements pertaining to your country.

How Adaptable Is It? 

Ensure that you find out whether or not your BIM tool will enable you to view the property structure at various stages of construction, and from different angles once completed. This is useful when you need to edit the structure, workflow, or material quantities at any given time, while being able to see the effects it would have on your building.

BIM is a wonderfully functional 3D drafting tool with which to execute the planning and rendering of your next construction project. In order to seek out the right program, remember that not only does a good BIM program allow you to imitate the upcoming building process with the use of the materials you will have on site, but you can conduct accurate measurements, calculate your building costs, and collaborate with the various project owners. You will be able to determine that you have found the right BIM software program, if you can predict that it will increase productivity and produce accurate visual designs, while allowing adequate collaboration. For the most adaptable and multi-functional BIM software call us today at (800) 700-3305 for a quote!

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