Save on Overall Construction Costs by Having a 3D Model Built

Is it really necessary to spend that extra money and make use of 3D CAD services to have a 3D model built? This is the question that you keep asking yourself as you’re studying the blueprints of the building you’ve been commissioned to design. 3D models aren’t cheap and, as with every construction project, mistakes are bound to occur. These mistakes can occur either because some of your design aspects aren’t tangible, or because the engineer and/or contractor will misinterpret a design element only to realize the mistake after it’s been implemented. In any event, the fact remains: mistakes usually happen and mistakes are costly. The budget is also tight (as is usually the case), and you need to save money where you can. Where is the sense in wasting money on having a 3D model built?

The truth of the matter is that by spending a little extra money on a model, you’ll probably save a lot of money, later on. You’re probably wondering how this is possible. Well, 3D CAD Construction will enable you to:

  1. Notice errors that occurred in the drawing process. Errors tend to slip in during the creation of the blueprint and, by having a 3D model built — a correctly scaled miniature version of the original — you’ll pick up these mistakes before the engineers and contractors start implementing them and they become costly mistakes.
  2. Give you a better idea of what the finished project will look like. At times, the picture that you have in your head or on paper isn’t quite as pretty as the one that you or the client thought it was, once it has been fleshed out. Sure, two towering structures here or a separate building there sounded like the way to go while you were discussing the design, but, once you see a tangible example, you realize that those towering structures or separate building have a negative impact on the overall aesthetic that you’re trying to achieve. A model will enable you to notice these eyesores before the building process starts, meaning that there will be less rebuilding, later on.
  3. Optimum use of materials. Because your model will be an exact miniature replica of the building that you intend to build, you’ll be able to use the model to calculate exactly how many building materials you’ll need for the project. This will prevent you from ordering too much or too little of something. This also means that you won’t run into any additional transportation costs that can be incurred from returning excess materials or buying more.
  4. Give all involved a better idea of what you’re trying to achieve. A visual example is always the best way to communicate an idea. It will give the engineers and contractors a clearer picture of what they’re working towards, and they will, in all likelihood, be quicker to notice if they’re straying off the beaten path.     

There you have it! Four good reasons to commission 3D CAD services and have a model built of the blueprint that you’re currently poring over. The fact is that sometimes you have to spend money to save money. Start saving today, by calling (800) 700-3305, and ordering your 3D model.

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