How to Keep Your Office Staff Motivated during Remodeling

This blog is about how CAD Construction can help keep your staff motivated while upgrades are being made to your office space. Before we discuss this slightly unconventional solution, however, let us first come to grips with the gravity of the problem:

All right … so the time has come for the office to be remodeled, and not everyone is as excited about the revamp as you are. Business operations can’t come to a standstill just because you’re upgrading your work environment and there will be many interruptions, much noise, and many bodies moving around as the contractors build, paint, and install. It’ll take a lot more effort to stay focused and get things done, so it’s no wonder that your team isn’t happy. If only they could see this venture the way you see it: after the contractors are done, the space will be more conducive to the work that’s being done. A little bit of discomfort, now, for a lot more comfort, later on.

Unfortunately, in situations like these, motivational catch phrases like “it’s only for a short period of time” or “we can do this” only tend to make people more irritated and less tolerant towards these types of disruptions. You need to keep them motivated, and you’re looking for effective ways to do this, because, if you don’t, the only thing that will get done is a lot of complaining.

The secret is to make them as excited about the upgrade as you are. So, how do you do this? It starts by showing them what they can expect.  The most effective way to do this is a 3D CAD construction, or a model of the space that you’re renovating. This may seem a bit extreme and unnecessarily expensive, but consider this: the best way to help people see what you’re trying to achieve is to physically show them.

All will be explained in due course, and what follows is a step by step plan that might seem a bit unconventional, but stands a good chance of succeeding:

1.         Make use of a 3D CAD service provider and have a model made of the space that you’re renovating. Don’t try to save money by leaving out the custom-made finishes and furniture. The custom-made finishes and furniture will give your staff a clear idea of what they can expect.

2.         Talk them through it. After your model is finished and set up, talk your staff through it and explain it to them in detail to help them see the bigger picture. Show them where they will be working and ask if it meets their approval. If they make suggestions, try to incorporate them into the design. This will make your staff feel more involved, and people tend to be more patient when something that they’ve had a say in is busy being implemented.

3.         Place the model in a position where everyone can see it. This will serve as a reminder of what is being worked towards and what awaits everyone once the contractors are done. It will also remind them of the talk you had and how you all agreed to be a bit more patient.

There you have it: A slightly unconventional motivational plan that involves 3D CAD construction. It might cost a bit, but considering that motivated people are more productive, it does make the investment worthwhile. To order your 3D model, call (800) 700-3305 today, to ensure the 3D model arrives before your office has been remodelled.


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