Five of the World’s Most Extraordinary Churches

Three hundred years ago, the world’s most beautiful churches were built in the most rudimentary manner, one that required mental arithmetic, stringent communication and, in comparison to today’s technology, the most basic means of construction. Today, we are able to construct the most extraordinary churches using computer-aided design (CAD). The CAD drafting process allows architects and construction managers to explore and analyze every nook and cranny of the structure, a privilege that architects weren’t privy to in 1714.

Today, architects use CAD services to transform their two-dimensional sketches and blueprints into three-dimensional renderings which allow various construction parties a peek at what the end result is expected to look like. From the buttresses and bell towers, to the altar and pulpit, computer-aided design provides accurate measurements and details that pertain to a successful construction process. It is with these reliable and accurate tools that modern architects have been able to design some of the world’s most fascinating churches. Although beautiful, Notre Dame can take the back seat as we explore five of the most extraordinary churches in the world.

  1. Harajuku Church – Tokyo, Japan

Soft curves, ambient lighting, and bright splashes of color on clean white surfaces characterize the Harajuku Church in Tokyo, Japan. This Protestant church was designed in a manner that reflects the seven elements of the bible – the seven days of creation and the seven kingdoms of the Orient. Not only is this church ultra-modern, it consists of a concert hall with state-of-the-art acoustics for worship sessions and nativity plays. The building draws in beams of natural light that bounce off of the white interiors, creating a warm atmosphere. Designed by Ciel Rouge Création, this church is recognized for its use of negative space.

  1. Donau City Church – Vienna, Austria

What looks like a black cuboid is actually a church that draws in nothing but beautiful beams of natural light. Cloaked in birch wood, the interior of this building is not only light, but also extremely welcoming, a far cry from the exterior of the building. Designed by Heinz Tesar, this place of worship has not only become the home of the Donau City Church congregation, but also a curiosity that attracts a myriad of tourists. From the outside, the church looks like a black box with little circles that decorate the exterior, and it is these little cubes of glass that allow the light to seep into the interior.

  1. Sunset Chapel – Acapulco, Mexico

Built to mourn the passing of loved ones, the Sunset Chapel in Mexico is a corpus of contrast. Designed by Esteban Suárez, the entire construction of the structure was based on the theme of contrasts. Set in an enchanting setting of tall trees and greenery, the chapel is designed to catch the setting sun directly behind the altar during the biannual equinoxes. It also has a ring of crypts surrounding the structure – a true monument for grieving those who have passed.

  1. Jubilee Church — Rome, Italy

A minimalistic collection of white prefabricated concrete panels and glass panes are what characterize the Jubilee Church in Rome. Designed by Richard Meier, the church was designed to imitate the work of The Vicariato of Rome, who dedicated his life to depicting architecture’s role in holy places. The setting gives the impression that the church is a “floating sail-ship.”

  1. Porciúncula De La Milagrosa Chapel — Bogotá, Colombia

Designed by Daniel Bonilla, the Porciúncula De La Milagrosa Chapel was designed to symbolize the passage between the light and dark, the known and the unknown. Perfectly symmetrical with the surrounding environment, this chapel emphasizes the change of focus and perspective, inviting the congregation to take a journey between two worlds.

Unique and symbolic, these extraordinary churches are both works of architectural mastery and innovation. With the help of CAD services, architects are able to interweave the natural settings and the design elements of these structures with impeccable accuracy. If you’re looking for a reputable CAD company, give Q-CAD a call at (800) 700-3305 to discuss our variety of services.


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