Creative Uses for CAD: Film and Entertainment

Construction, architecture, and design have been simplified through the implementation and use of computer aided design — or CAD — software. CAD conversion turns simple drafts into detailed and accurate blueprints that offer a more definite view of a proposed project. Computer aided design assists in the construction process, listing necessary information, from calculations to the amounts of essential equipment.

While architectural masterpieces are products of creative genius in their own right, construction and architecture are not the only industries that benefit from the use of CAD. We’ve all sat in awe of the cinematic splendor of movies like Lord of the Rings and Jurassic Park. Dinosaurs and trolls roam across the screens, displaying the most lifelike expressions and movements. Computer aided design breathes life into the transformation from paper to screen. Before the invention of CAD software, filmmakers and animators relied on the use of puppets, a lengthy and tiresome process. Today, designers are able to combine the use of puppets with computer aided design technology to create graphics that leave fans and viewers in wonderment.

An all-time favorite, Jurassic Park, was created through combining the use of CAD and   robotic puppets. Animators created the giant dinosaurs from information that was taken from the skeleton of the specific species. Computer aided design was also used in the creation of the cities and realms in the movie Lord of the Rings. CAD ensured that the lines and curves of the cities blended with those of the hills and mountains that set the backdrop for the movie.

How Is CAD Used? 

  1. Film and Television

Much of the film and television industries still rely on the handiwork of both animators and graphic designers. However, CAD is used to add quality to a film, while also assisting on the advanced technical effects. It also helps producers deliver high-quality visuals and resolution for the big screen. CAD also enhances the quality of television advertisements, making them more appealing and interesting to the viewer. As with construction, CAD assists in plotting out the necessary resources and budget for the project. It also assists in timekeeping, to ensure that all deadlines are met.

  1. Games

Architecture and design predominantly take place in an office or on the construction site. Games, however, are created with CAD software. It assists in the design and animation, and it is also responsible for the lifelike feel that many games display.

The creative process requires a large amount of detailed work, often delicate and, at times, films will require CAD assistance to complete immense projects. CAD services include detailed budgets and material calculations, which assist project managers in both construction and film industries. These calculations ensure that productions and projects meet their deadlines, do not exceed their budgets, and also meet the expectations of investors.

Create your own masterpiece and make use of CAD conversion services. Not only will it simplify the process, it will also assist you and potential investors in visualizing the finished product.  If you are looking to enhance your architectural drafting services, give us a call at (800) 700-3305.

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