The CAD Drafting Process, Explained

CAD drafting refers to computer aided design and is generally used in the realm of engineering, manufacturing, and architecture. CAD software makes the process of drafting 2D technical drawings and building 3D models both easy and affordable. But how exactly does the CAD drafting process work? If you enlist the help of a CAD company, what can you expect going forward? Here is a short break down …

Providing the Company with Already Existing Files

Most companies will accept files in PDF, JPG, and TIF formats. However, if you have original, tangible blue print designs, these will work, too. Once the designs have been loaded onto the computer using the CAD software, each step of the conversion process will be tracked, making it possible for the client to remain in the loop throughout the CAD drafting process. If you have any special requests or requirements, be sure to notify the company before they go any further with your design.

Converting the Design

A CAD specialist will proceed with the conversion process, using the original dimensions as provided. If the dimensions are not already present, the specialist will draw them manually to scale.

Level 1 QC

Once the conversion has been completed, the specialist will check whether or not the converted CAD file matches the original document as provided by the client. If errors are found, they will be corrected.

Level 2 QC

The work will now be handed over to the manager who will once again check the new file against the original document for accuracy and compliance, with regard to the client’s special requests and requirements. If any errors are found, the manager will work with the CAD specialist in an effort to correct them.

Level 3 QC

Once all errors have been corrected, the manager will once again review the overall document.

Level 4 QC

Next, the newly created and corrected CAD file will be visually compared to a hard copy of the original document. Following this, additional files will be created based on the final CAD file. These files include copies of PDF and TIF file formats.

Sending to Client

Once all quality control steps have been accurately followed, the final CAD file will be ready to send to the client for review. The files are prepared for electronic transfer.

As you can see, the overall process of CAD design is a fairly simple one that focuses on ensuring that the job is completed according to each client’s unique requests and expectations. Depending on how big your project is, the turnaround time that you can expect will be anywhere from one day to 4-6 weeks. However, this will be discussed with you when you submit your documents for conversion.

Q-CAD is proud to be able to offer you both 2D and 3D drafting services. With a team of over 40 CAD specialist operators, and over 20 managers and trainees, you can always count on us for quality drafting services. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us. Simply call (800) 700-3305.


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