5 of the Most Innovative Office Spaces in the World

Products of innovative thought and design, the world’s most innovative office spaces were created to inspire employees and onlookers alike. With the help of CAD services, these creative spaces morphed into iconic structures that annually draw attention.

Not only are these office spaces a treat for the visual senses, they were designed to bring about a sense of inspiration, encourage the creative spirit, and give employees the necessary incentive to deliver high levels of productivity. As admirable as these structures are, they were once just a drawing on a blueprint. Computer aided design, or CAD, drafting services simplified the construction process of these designs by ensuring that each design detail, hidden corner, and nook was accurately measured and calculated.

In order to create these delightful offices, designers and architects had to work closely together to reach the expectations of the investors. Whether it came down to the construction and interior design of a little house in the Pixar office, or a relaxation room at Google, the process was conducted in precise harmony. From the brightlycolored rooms to the wildly imaginative layouts, take a look at five of the most innovative office spaces in the world.

  1. Google — London

Big, velvety chairs invite employees to take a moment to absorb the architectural and interior design wonder of the office space. The office is 160,000 square feet and is comprised of a cutting-edge, upbeat, and modern design. Brightly colored rooms, comfortable reading nooks, and dynamic meeting areas keep the Google staff inspired and creatively fuelled. Undoubtedly, the office offers the ideal work space for employees.

  1. White Mountain Office — Stockholm

This office is distinctively unique as it is located 100 feet underground. The White Mountain Office is home to a Swedish internet service provider and boasts iconic architecture and design. A repurposed anti-atomic shelter has been transformed into a dynamic office space that is reminiscent of a Super Villain’s lair. Cool colors, glass, and an industrial interior are impressively worked into the rock that protrudes throughout the office. Innovative, stylish, and unique, there is no guessing why the White Mountain Office is one of the most amazing offices in the world!

  1. Pallotta Teamworks — Los Angeles

Repurposed shipping containers, zippy little cars, and bright pops of punchy color are the main characteristics of Pallotta Teamworks in Los Angeles. This office space was designed with the intention of creating “breathing islands” of creative space within the greater office, a redesigned warehouse. Each colored container represents a different department within the company, which generates the necessary inspiration and creative fuel to produce architectural works of art.

  1. Inventionland — Pittsburgh

Imagine 70,000 square feet of pirate ships, race tracks, and caves. If you wander through the office space, you’ll also come across red carpet walkways, a castle, and a giant robot. Inventionland is the harbour of creative inspiration and represents a colorful patchwork of unique and playful ideas. The office space also has a state-of-the-art sound and video animation studio and a fully-equipped workshop for creating working prototypes of inventions.

  1. Comvert — Milan

Set in an abandoned cinema in the magnificent city of Milan, Comvert boasts a collection of office and warehouse space that is perfectly complemented by an inspired indoor skate bowl which is suspended above the warehouse. Not only does it keep the staff entertained, it suits the brand’s playful image, too!

The world’s most innovative office spaces play host to a plethora of creative and unique concepts, from their architecture to their interior design. If you’re looking to create a unique office space using CAD drafting services, call (800) 700-3305 for more information.

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Image courtesy of renjith krishnan / FREEDIGITALPHOTOS.NET

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