How 3D CAD Construction Models Help Convince Investors

3D models can be extremely useful, and most architects consider them a necessity for larger projects.  They allow us to take a closer look at certain aspects of our designs, and they also simplify the communication of our design ideas. Large architectural projects often require 3D CAD Construction as soon as the plans have been completed. They are used to convince investors of a profitable idea, work out those last kinks, and, finally, because they are visual representations of our aspirations, they also help to keep us motivated throughout the weeks, months, and sometimes years that it takes to complete a project.

Before contracting a 3D CAD service provider, there are a couple of points concerning your CAD construction or model that you should give some serious thought to. Before we get to these points, however, it’s important to remember to have a copy of your project information in TIF, PDF, DWG, DGN, or Revit files available to be sent to your preferred CAD services provider, as this is not only necessary to ensure that your model turns out to be a tangible representation, but also to determine what this CAD Construction will cost.

Here are the points that you should consider:

1)      Exterior. What kind of exterior would you like — plain or with finishes? If you’re building it for no other reason than to allow yourself a closer look at your design, then by all means go for plain. If the plan is to present your design to potential investors, then go for the finishings.  It’ll cost a bit more, but it’ll also make a greater impact.

2)      Interior. The same applies here. Go for detailed finishes if you’re going to present your 3D CAD Construction.  If not, keep it simple to avoid paying out for unnecessary features.

3)      Furniture and fixed equipment. It might feel like we’re going the “dollhouse” route, here, but just as the exterior will give people an idea of what you’re building, a fully furnished interior will show people how a space will be inhabited. It’s a visual way of demonstrating that you’ve designed this building with the comfort and wellbeing of people in mind. That is usually a huge selling point. Best of all: these furniture items and the fixed equipment can also be custom made to your exact specifications, meaning that you can have an exact replica built of the building that you intend to build. Think about this, and maybe you could ask your interior decorator to get involved and help with the design of the furniture. It might sound silly, but the fact is that details like this allow people to see the complete picture and, by showing that you’ve literally thought of everything, it inspires trust in your ability and design.

At the end of the day, a model like this makes a nice keepsake after the project is over. Or why not speak to the investors and have it displayed in the full-size building? Take this opportunity to go big the next time you decide to build, and you need to convince a couple of investors to be part of your aspiration. A 3D CAD Construction is sure to help you turn your dream into an architectural masterpiece!

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Image courtesy of Njaj / FREEDIGITALPHOTOS.NET

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